Mocha and Riggs litter. All chocolate. Boys available

Mocha Jo has been DNA tested through Embark. She is clear of over 171 genetic diseases known to Labradors. Riggs is DNA tested through Pawprint genetics. He is clear on the diseases known to Labradors on both Labrador Panels. Riggs is OFA hips Good. Normal Elbows.

meet the boys!

Buyers start to choose when the puppies are 6 weeks old in order that the deposits are received.

dark green collar- Sold

blue collar -Sold

red collar-sold

lime green- Sold

orange collar- sold

meet the girls!

light purple-Sold

dark purple- Sold

hot pink- Available


OFA Good hips

Normal elbows

DNA tested and cleared of all genetic diseases known to Labrador Retrievers-Pawprint Genetics


Mocha is clear on over 171 genetic diseases known to Labradors. DNA tested through Embark Genetics.

1st pick boy- Erin

2nd pick boy-Hannah

3rd pick boy-Phillip and Isabella

4th pick boy-Nick

5th pick boy-Available

1st pick girl-Brian

2nd pick girl-Jennifer

3rd pick girl-Available