Upcoming Litters 2021

Riggs and Smoke are due with a litter of chocolate and black puppies February 16, 2021.

This will be a repeat breeding . These puppies always turn out to be amazing! We kept Hondo back from their first pairing.

Riggs is OFA Good, Normal elbows. He is also clear on all of the diseases on both Pawprint Genetic Panels.

Smoke is OFA Good, Normal elbows as well. She is clear by parentage on all the diseases known to Labradors but is a carrier of HNPK. This is not a problem since Riggs is clear on all diseases. HNPK is when a Labrador would get a crusty nose.

We have started a waiting list for this litter. We will start to take deposits once the puppies are born.

Hondo-Riggs and Smoke son