About Us

Our Story

My husband and I met at a small College in Northeast Georgia called Toccoa Falls College right out of High School. We soon married and lived in Toccoa until he finished his degree. There we had our first two children. We left the area in 1996, and we never realized we would end up back here is 2020 for a new job for my husband!

I have always had a love for Labrador Retrievers. I purchased my first Lab when I was only 14 with my allowance. She was a black Labrador I named Smoke. I read every book I could on Labradors and tried to soak up as much knowledge as I could. In 2006 I decided to start raising and breeding Labs.
It has been a great adventure ever since. I have learned the importance of hip and Health testing our adults to ensure we have quality puppies for our puppy buyers. 

How did we get our name?

Toccoa Falls is Located on the campus of Toccoa Falls College. It has a vertical drop of 186 feet. Visitors can go and view the falls on campus. There is a “hidden” waterfall known to students and Alumni of the college called “Little Falls”. It is a nice peaceful place to hike and get away. You will find pictures and background photos throughout our website of the “Little Falls”!