Upcoming Litters 2022/2023

~Please Note: We no longer remove dewclaws~

Riggs and Raven -Taking deposits now.

Estimated due date around November 16,2022

Ready to go home January 11 (8 weeks) Taking deposits now! Text or call 740-624-4363

Chocolate, yellow and black puppies.

Chocolate male/female -$1400.00 AKC limited Registration.

Yellow male/female-$1400.00 AKC limited Registration.

Black male/female-$1400.00 AKC limited Registration.

There is an additional fee for full breeding rights.

Krystal@ 740-624-4363 email krystal_b_72@yahoo.com


Riggs is an AKC registered English Labrador Retriever. He is about 80 lbs.

Riggs is OFA hip Prelims Good. Normal elbows. Riggs is genetically tested through Embark. He is clear on all genetic diseases tested through Pawprint Genetics. He has a sweet gentle spirit. He loves water, loves to retrieve and loves his toys!! Not to mention a big doll baby!


Raven is our loving English Black Lab. She is about 70 lbs.

She is OFA Good hips. Raven is Shiva’s full sister and littermate. She loves people. Loves to retrieve. Don’t miss out on this pairing! Message me for more details!

Past Riggs and Raven babies.

Wesley-lives in Ohio

Duck!- lives in Pennsylvania
Kobe!- lives in Ohio
Oakley -lives in Ohio
Keida-lives In Massachusetts
Ella-Lives in Massachusetts