Cindy – Ohio

“I got a Chocolate boy from Krystal nine years ago.And boy is he the Most healthy dog I have ever owned! Krystal does everything in her power to breed healthy puppies.
He went through K9 training.Passed with flying colors.
Krystal strives to make our breed better.

We had a yellow that wasn’t even her dog.When he pass she was there for me.Thank you, Krystal, for being there for my family when we where just torn apart.”

Susan – Ohio

“We purchased our sweet pup from Silver Bear Labs in September of 2016 and we couldn’t be happier. Not only is our boy beautiful, but he is vibrantly healthy, very smart and has a sweet temperament. I attribute this to the effort and time that Silver Bear Labs puts into their dogs. Their pups are housed in their home, handled well and kept clean. They go through great lengths to throughly test and vet each dog. And of course, they recommend high quality vitamins and food. A wonderful breeder producing quality dogs! You won’t be disappointed!!”

Lauren – Pennsylvania

Lauren is a Repeat buyer! She now owns 2 of our past puppies!

“I did a bunch of research before reaching out to a few breeders. Out of the ones I called, Krystal was the only one that took the time to talk about what we wanted and all about the sweet red lab (Rudy) on her Silver Bear labs website that we were in love with. Unfortunately at that time we weren’t ready to pull the trigger. About a month later we finally decided to commit, but when we called Rudy had already been on hold for someone. Krystal took the time again to talk about the next new puppies and we were going to wait. Stars aligned and a few days later Krystal called and no fault to Rudy, he was available again. It was meant to be. We picked up Rudy the next week. He has been the most amazing puppy. We have a busy house hold, 3 kids and an older dog and now Rudy. Our middle child has Down Syndrome so when we spoke to Krystal about what we were looking for, she assured me Rudy was the right dog…she was spot on!  

We couldn’t have asked for a more perfect new addition to our family. Not sure what she does to have breed such an amazing pup, but she gave us a little angel and we couldn’t be more in love. When we are ready for another we will call Krystal!!”

Heather – Maryland

Heather is a Repeat buyer! She now owns 2 of our past puppies!

“My family and I have gotten two puppies from Silver Bear Labs. They are both great dogs. Healthy, smart, and easy to train. Krystal and her family take wonderful care of their dogs and treat them like family. Her dogs live inside, in a clean, safe environment. Krystal was also very responsive to any questions I had and has stayed in touch with us. If you’re looking for a healthy, smart lab puppy to add to your family I highly recommend Silver Bear Labs. I know when it’s time for us to add another dog to our family it will come from Krystal.”

Lee-Anne – New Hampshire

My best friend has 2 Labs from Krystal (now 3) and after several months of saying I wanted a Jack baby, I finally made the decision that I wanted a silver girl. After a few litters and several months of waiting, Hunter Moon and Jack had a litter and a silver was bound to come. I was so disappointed when there was no silver female. I decided it just wasn’t going to happen and gave up. Then one day Krystal posted pictures of the puppies at a few weeks old and this beautiful little black face made me fall in love. She reminded me so much of Jack, I knew she was the one. I drove from NH to Ohio to pick up my gorgeous Maggie Rose and haven’t regretted a day since. Krystal and Silver Bear Labs are the best! I can’t thank them enough for the guidance and patience given to me during the process. Great people to work with, who really love their dogs.